FE3H Pawky Stickers
FE3H Pawky Stickers
FE3H Pawky Stickers

FE3H Pawky Stickers

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Cute stickers featuring characters from Fire Emblem Three Houses using Pawky Charms designs (38 variations in total).

Please leave a note for characters at checkout for "set of 5" otherwise it will be random.

  • Approx. 6cm (2.3")
  • Weatherproof sticker paper with glossy or matte finish

Sticker is water resistant, but saturation or submersion is not recommended as it is not vinyl. Cut in house with care, but sticker trim may have varied widths.

Shipped via lettermail, standard shipping does not include tracking.

Refer to shipping & terms for shipping cost and delivery times.

Pawky flavours available:
Anna - Amazake
Annette - Mango
Ashe - Kyoho Grape
Balthus - Sesame
Bernadetta - Sweet Potato
Byleth - Matcha
Caspar - Sea Salt
Claude - Chocolate Banana
Constance - Blueberry Cheesecake
Dedue - Kuromitsu Kinako
Dimitri - Cheesecake
Dorothea - Cherry
Edelgard - Royal Milk Tea
Felix - "Otona" Milk
Ferdinand - Crushed Almond
Flayn - Taiyaki
Hapi - Strawberry
Hilda - Peach
Hubert - Cookies & Cream
Ignatz - Pistachio
Ingrid - Lemon
Jeritza - Caramel Macchiato
Leonie - Cantaloupe
Linhardt - Mint Chocolate
Lorenz - Mont Blanc
Lysithea - Strawberry Shortcake
Marianne - Blueberry
Mercedes - Caramel Latte
Petra - Sakura
Rhea - Green Apple
Sylvain - Orange
Yuri - Red Bean

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Customer Reviews

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FE3H Pawky Stickers

Great Quality, Awesome Designs!

Love all the designs, Constance is my favorite. Seller was very helpful in accommodating requests for getting both designs. Looking forward to all future designs!

Absolutely adorable!

I love these stickers so much, they’re such high quality and so cute! Will order from this shop again!

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