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Restock end of Feb. 2-3 processing time.
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FE3H Pawky Acrylic Charms
FE3H Pawky Acrylic Charms
FE3H Pawky Acrylic Charms
FE3H Pawky Acrylic Charms
FE3H Pawky Acrylic Charms

FE3H Pawky Acrylic Charms

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Limited quantity availabe, will not be restocked.

Charms are double sided with different expression on the back.
+ Size: ~6 cm (~2.4")
+ Material: high quality clear acrylic
+ Star shaped lobster clasp (slight variation between designs)
+ Some have epoxy and some do not, if this is a concern please make note on your order, stock not guaranteed

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Pawky flavours available:
Anna - Amazake
Annette - Mango
Ashe - Kyoho Grape
Balthus - Sesame
Bernadetta - Sweet Potato
Byleth - Matcha
Caspar - Sea Salt
Claude - Chocolate Banana
Constance - Blueberry Cheesecake
Dedue - Kuromitsu Kinako
Dimitri - Cheesecake
Dorothea - Cherry
Edelgard - Royal Milk Tea
Felix - "Otona" Milk
Ferdinand - Crushed Almond
Flayn - Taiyaki
Hapi - Strawberry
Hilda - Peach
Hubert - Cookies & Cream
Ignatz - Pistachio
Ingrid - Lemon
Jeritza - Caramel Macchiato
Leonie - Cantaloupe
Linhardt - Mint Chocolate
Lorenz - Mont Blanc
Lysithea - Strawberry Shortcake
Marianne - Blueberry
Mercedes - Caramel Latte
Petra - Sakura
Rhea - Green Apple
Sylvain - Orange
Yuri - Red Bean

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cute, sturdy, bought for a friend.

With lovely art, shiny and sturdy acrylic, and a good quality keyring, this is an excellent product! I bought it for a friend who loves Felix and also bought a few stickers of similar designs to go with it. Definitely would buy again both for me and as gifts.

Wrye M
Perfect 10/10 I love him

Excellent quality and so cute!!!! I love it

Margareth Estrellas
I love them soooo much!!

I got F Byleth and time skip Dimitri, and they’ve been hanging on some zippers for a while now. So adorable and they’ve been holding up so well, even though I just randomly plop my backpack down sometimes.

Peter Nguyen
Great Details!

Love it, Constance has attention to both her personalities on this charm. Good quality and its so cute. I would buy again in a heartbeat!

Christina Nguyen
Super cute!

I think this is my 2nd time buying them? But I love them especially the Rhea charm bc she's such a rare character to see in fanmerch

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