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Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

The acrylic charm I received looks faded/washed out

Every acrylic charm is coated with protective film, on both sides for charms with no epoxy, and on the back side only for charms with epoxy. Once the film is peeled off, charms should appear clear near the edges and not frosty. It can be difficult to peel the film off, here are some methods that has worked for me:

  • Keep scratching around the edge of the charm until one part of the film comes loose
  • Apply slight heat (such as hair dryer) to loosen the film

The film itself is quite sturdy, and although not recommended, I have peeled the film with help of a light jab of scissors right to the middle of the charm until a hole forms in the film. 

How waterproof are weatherproof stickers?

I use weatherproof sticker paper with water-resistant ink from HP. The recommendation is that the sticker can be expose to water, and should not be damaged if carefully dried in a timely manner. I can run the sticker under tap water with no problem. However, the material is official listed as water-resistant, therefore submersion and saturation with water is not recommended. Outdoor use is NOT recommended (eg. on your car).

I have received the following feedback regarding this material:

  • The printed ink washed off on stickers applied to a car during a rainstorm
  • The ink because slightly fuzzy after a cycle in the dishwasher
  • Material surface became slightly sticky after exposure to high heat

Will you make merch of [insert character or merch type here]?

I usually just make merch of whatever I like. Please feel free to contact me if you have character/series/type of merch you want to see and I'll keep it in mind when I plan future products~

What is B-Grade merchandise?

Currently B-Grade is only available for sticker sheets. They're sheets with slight imperfections such as slight printer lines, colour mishaps, or misaligned cuts. The mistakes are slight enough that the stickers are still perfectly use-able, just not to the quality that I wan't to present at full price. Mistakes are typically only noticeable on close inspection. Stickers with heavy mishaps (C-grade?) are typically given out as order bonuses instead of sold for money.

I saw your designs in another shop on Etsy/Aliexpress/Etc.

I would really appreciate it if you can send me the links to those listings so I can properly file a report again them. I do not authorize anyone to use/sell my designs under any circumstances.

What is pre-order?

Pre-order gives me a good idea of how many items to order and keep in inventory for the future. Certain items may run out of stock faster than I anticipated during normal store operations, and pre-ordering will guarantee you can get a copy of that item.

The finished product may be slightly different that pre-order graphics, but should have no significant changes.

Pre-order items will be slightly cheaper than regular items and often have options for pre-order bundles at discounts. In exchange, you usually have to wait ~4 additional weeks for the order to ship.

What is the difference between this storefront and your Etsy shop?

Items in my shopify store will be slightly cheaper than my Etsy shop as I don't have to pay the expensive Etsy fees here. There will also be more discount, product listings and variety here, in addition to options to buy certain items individually or at set discounts that are not available on Etsy.