Thank you for visiting Kuurimu Art!

I'm Kuu, a Chinese-Canadian artist based in Alberta, Canada. I draw and make merch for various anime and games that I'm currently obsessed with. I make mainly stickers and keychains currently but would love to expand my selection in the future~

I am the sole person running this shop and everything associated with it, so please bare with me and understand the time it takes for me to prepare your package and ship them out. I work full time during the day, so I only have limited time every week to take care of the shop. I am a huge believer of work-life balance and keeping a healthy state of mind, so I delicate a fair portion of my time to pursuing my own interests and hobbies outsite of my job and shop ^^

You can find me on the following plaforms:

Twitter | Instagram | Pixiv } Tiktok

Feel free to contact me via any of my socials, the contact form or e-mail me at kuu.artshop[at]gmail.com , I may take some time replying to messages on socials since they will most likely end up in my requests folder.