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Surtr Acrylic Keychain

Surtr Acrylic Keychain

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Cute acrylic keychains featuring Surtr from Arknights

Charm is double sided with transluscent tinted acrylic
+ Size: ~5 cm (~2")
+ Clasp: Black clasp
+ Material: high quality tinted acrylic, epoxy on front
+ Protective film on back

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ekaterina Mosienko
The most adorable & cute Arataki Itto

I am a huge fan of Genshin Impact! After one hour of Itto’s announcement, I knew I want him as my hero. He is literary the best man! And i’ve decided what I want him not only in the game with me.

I saw Kurimu's advertisement in Instagram and went immediately to the website. When I saw Itto’s keychain design, I was like „omg, he is sooooo cute!“
He came right to Chrismas ( if you ordering to Europe, be patient and check the mailbox for the letter what you have to pay the taxes).

I’m soo happy he is with me!!! The acryl is of a good quality and he looks exact like on the picture. Also, it’s a very creative to make the background color with the color gradient using the color of the character’s element.

To sum up, I can say that on Kurimu’s store you can have detailed and best quality items.


Beautiful charm! Love the gradient on it and the art is adorable. Hoping this lil guy gives me the luck i need to roll Itto haha!